Goodbye Mommy Blog, Hello Family Lifestyle & Travel Blog

When I took a break from social media back in December, I also stopped blogging. It was mostly because I needed some time away, but also to refocus my ideas. I wanted to get back to writing about things that excited me and to make sure I wasn't just taking on projects simply for the paycheck. I needed to remember why I started this blog in the first place.

With a lot of thought and long talks with my husband I decided that I wanted to re-brand this blog into less of a "Mommy Blog" and more of a "Family Lifestyle & Travel" blog. With my kids growing up and our choice to not have any more babies, I wanted to fade out of all the new Mom topics and dive into topics about life as a big family.

Having a large family is such a blessing, but it can seem overwhelming to many. How do you travel? Is it expensive to go to dinner? How do you make it anywhere on time? Where do you like to hang locally as a family? These and other fun questions made me realize there is a whole realm of topics and blogs I haven't even begun to tap into yet.

So I officially decided that I want to write about our adventures. Places we go when we travel, local attractions, restaurants where kids and parents have a meal to remember, summer bucket lists and events that don't break the bank, will all be included here in this space now!!

I am excited to take on this next adventure in writing and in life and I look forward to doing it with each of you along side us.

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