It's time to let go of Insta-fame

I figured I would put my thoughts into words as a way to explain where my head is at.

As of this week I have logged off and uninstalled my Instagram account. I plan to also pull back on blogging for the time being. I have been feeling the urge to let go of both for quite some time now, but have fought against the idea of doing so.

Call it crazy, but I recently watched an advertisement for LG V30 smart phone and everything clicked.

Here was a commercial all about how the world needs to bring it back to "REAL!" Where did we go so wrong? I think I just felt sad that we are now at the point that ads are trying to promote a more realistic view of human life.

I left Instagram when I started to realize that so many girls I admired were taking part in paid loops as a way to grow their followings, and for what? Insta-fame? So companies will send products? To be liked?

Don't get me wrong, I got caught up in the game as well. I would get down on myself when my follower count wasn't growing and bummed when I was passed over on brand collaborations. Yet I wasn't noticing that the cause of my unhappiness was this sick need to be liked by people who didn't truly care about me.

I found myself forcing photos and trying to find the perfect image to post just to keep up with the daily need to get likes and comments. It was sad, and quite honestly, incredibly pathetic.

I was so much happier before my 14.5 thousand followers.

That is nothing against the girls I truly grew to have friendships with. But the reality is, only a handful of that follower count actually will call me on the phone, or touch base after I shut down my social media to see how life is going, to ask how my kids are, to invest in my well being.

Sometimes going against the grain can be phenomenally tough, but the end result usually ends in utter joy and happiness. I urge each of you that has a tugging on your heart to turn it all off, to do just that. See what comes of it.

Now that my words are in motion I hope I explained myself well. Thank you for always being on this crazy journey with me. Until next time...

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