How I know I am done having kids

The title seems a little brash, but after having four kids I think I am granted the ability to say it straight forward, WE ARE DONE HAVING KIDS! I remember writing a blog during my fourth pregnancy talking about why we decided to have another baby and knowing in my heart I wasn't done having kids.

With the arrival of our fourth child, we knew we were finally complete. It was pure chaos and an abundance of love roaming through our home and hearts. I knew without hesitation we would not be adding more.

People often ask me, "How did you know you were done having kids?"

To which I always reply, "You will absolutely know in your gut when you are done!"

But in case you are like me and need more tangible examples, here are 5 reasons I know I am done having kids!

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1. I leapt for joy the moment my first NON-DIAPER BAG arrived on my doorstep!

Ladies, there is a point in time when you no longer want to carry around a diaper bag, no matter how freaking cute and versatile they have become. There is something about a purse that makes you feel like you have finally come full circle and become a WOMAN again, not just a MOM.

This specific purse is the Celeste Vegan Leather Shoulder bag in grey by Gretchen Christine. The bag comes with an interchangeable strap which I love. It gives off the relaxed street style vibe while stile being sophisticated and feminine. The small structured purse still gives me room to hold all my essentials, as well as a diaper and wipes if need be.

2. I actually started to picture myself investing in my self and my passions.

This may seem like something that can happen even if you are still having kids, but to me it was HUGE. I realized that once my kids got to a semi-self sufficient age, there was so much more I could do. I could have meetings, take time for podcast, grow my blog, take time to invest in my friendships. Taking care of my kids is my number one priority, but I realized there is also great joy in taking care of myself as well.

3. I realized I want to actually go on a vacation with just my husband.

Family vacations are amazing, don't get me wrong, but there is something about escaping the everyday grind and relaxing with just your spouse.

4. I no longer got jealous of my friends who were announcing their own pregnancies.

A sure sign you are not done having babies, is when you see a friend announce their pregnancy and instantly start planning out a nursery and name for a child you have yet to conceive.

5. I finally started to sleep through the night.

It only took ten years of sleep deprivation, four kids, and a partridge and a pear tree, for me to finally start getting some sleep. I think the minute we get a taste for what life is like after babies, its easy to realize when it's time to wrap up the baby making days.

I loved being pregnant. I loved it so much i did it four times. My greatest joy is being a mother and watching my kids grow into some pretty cool humans,but I am finally at a place where my heart knows there is a new chapter of life for me and my husband that is going to be pretty awesome as well.

Shop this Celeste Vegan Leather Handbag by Gretchen Christine

Shop this Celeste Vegan Leather Handbag by Gretchen Christine

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