Motherhood the most beautiful mess

It took a decade to teach me that Motherhood is a messy, emotional,self deprecating journey and yet it's the most beautiful adventure I've ever embarked on.

There are not enough books,blogs and advice columns on how to be a great mom. Comparison WILL happen, you will judge and be judged,and you will most definitely get it all wrong more than half the time. Nights will pass with you staring at the ceiling wondering why you yelled so loud, why you didn't play more, why you didn't take time to read the book or rub their backs. Days will slip away with you questioning every thing you did, no matter how good it seemed.


When will we, as women, learn that it was never designed to be perfect. This journey of raising children was meant to teach us, bend us, move us and forever change us. The bad days are just as beautiful as the good days because in the mess, that is where the lessons are learned.

Our children see in our faults what it's like to be human. They see that even in trials we can take our tomorrows and give it another shot. They see that when a mistake is made, you say sorry. When pain and disappointment creep in, you push through and find a happy resolution.


Our babies don't need perfect parents, they need present parents. As long as we are trying, showing up,getting down and dirty in the thick of it all, then we are exactly who and what they need. We were given this amazing task to shape and raise the generations to come because God KNEW we could handle it.


If we woke up and fell asleep with the same pride in our role as Mothers as God sees it in us, how much better would we be? How much more joy would we find in the silly things, the mistakes, the bad days?

It only took me a decade of being a mother to realize that the best part of being a Mother is never getting it right.

photos by Sarah Vanderford Photography

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