How to dress like a Fashion Blogger on a Target budget

A year ago the only thing you would find me wearing was graphic tees and leggings. Not because it was all I had in my closet,but mostly because it was all I had time to put together. As a mom,everything comes last for me; eating,showering,sleeping and getting ready for the day.

Now that I have a little more time,not much,but more than I had,and the convenience of not breastfeeding or carrying a baby everywhere- I am branching out with my style. I will definitely be the first to say that I don't follow trends and I need to be comfortable in whatever I am wearing. I may not have babies spitting up on me but I absolutely need to be able to sprint after a toddler at the drop of a hat.

As many of us women do, I followed a ton of amazing fashion bloggers on social media. I quickly realized I would never be able to afford their wardrobe unless I robbed a bank or left my husband for a rich elderly man with a large fortune looking for arm-candy. Just saying.

With my love of Target at an all time high, I began strolling the aisles of the Target women's section looking for finds that I had loved on these bloggers. I was amazed to find that I could look just as cute for more than half the price!!!

I rarely wear heels these days,so I am thankful for cute flats and slip-ons! All those moms that walk around in heels make me wonder if there is someone tagging along that handles all the mishaps of being in public with a roaming toddler. I quickly realized that the shoe selection at Target was just as diverse as what the Fashion Bloggers were featuring for three times the price at Nordstrom's.


Blissfully Boyce Blog Trending Shoes Target Finds Womens Fashion

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Then came my love for a stretchy jean with the coveted ripped look. I must confess, that my loneliness...oh wait that's Britney bitch. I must confess that I got hooked on American Eagle jeans and while they aren't the most expensive, dropping seventy bucks on a pair of jeans can be tough. But Target came through in the clutch and started featuring almost the exact same styles!!! Yes I they carry Moto jeans and overalls too.

Blissfully Boyce Blog Trending Denim at Target Womens Fashion

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But we can all agree, the cherry on top of any good outfit is a great top. I've learned to leave my graphic tees for ruffles and the occasional fitted turtleneck. WHO AM I?!?! Merging comfort and style has been my goal and I am so thankful that I can find all of this at Target. No longer do I have to feel discouraged that fashion only comes with a huge bank account or a seemingly perfect Instagram feed and following. Fashion can be fun and affordable and as close as your nearest Target store!

Blissfully Boyce Blog Trending Womens Fashion

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