Simple and Fun Halloween Monster Treats for Kids

I love all the things that come with festive holidays, especially the treats and yummy dishes. Even better than eating all the food, is finding things to make that are simple and quick. I was scrolling through the latest edition of People magazine and came across a recipe for Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops by Tia Mowry.

When I read the ingredient list and saw it was less than 10 items and no actual baking, I figured "Hey I can't screw this one up!" I ran up to Walmart with my ingredient list in hand and quickly realized I had no clue where to find melting chocolates...go figure, since I usually buy everything premade in a box!

Note that all baking supplies are actually up with the party items in the front of the store, not with the baking ingredients in the food aisles, who would have known!?!

I grabbed everything I needed and came home to whip up a batch of fun Monster treats for my littlest kiddos. Who knew that baking with chocolate melts could be so fun?? I now believe I will start an entire Pinterest board for new ideas on what to make!

Clearly my intent was not to be a candy artist,but I will say I had so much fun making these adorable marshmallow treats for my kids. We sat and snacked on them until our bellies hurt and we were sure our teeth were ruined! What are some of your favorite treats to make for Halloween?

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