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Living in Virginia is great because we experience the beauty of seasons. Sometimes though, it can be difficult when our seasons intersect and get all jumbled up. Thankfully I am learning to keep some staple pieces of my wardrobe on hand to combat whatever weather wants to come my way.

You can mix up Fall and Summer attire rather easily to create the perfect look. Swap your jeans for shorts and pair it with the perfect floral hoodie and you are set for a day of running errands or hanging with your friends.

You don't need to spend a ton of money to look and feel cute either. Finding a brand or shop that fits your style and body type is key to dressing for success. I love Shop MaLyn Logic owned by the lovely MaLyn Galloway, because the clothes are always flattering for multiple body shapes, they have a touch of girlish charm and they are super affordable!

Let the summer heat slip into brisk autumn days at whatever pace it needs to,knowing you can look fashionable through it all. Take a beautiful, hunter green maxi dress and pair it with a simple wedge shoe and you have brought the colors of fall into a "comfortable for humid weather" outfit.

Style should accentuate your personality. It should make you feel comfortable and sexy. Sexy doesn't mean less clothes,more skin; sexy is loving who you are in the clothes you are wearing!

Try on things you may never imagine wearing because you may find that it brings out a different side of you.

I used to keep my wardrobe very basic for fear of wandering too far outside the box when it came to fashion. The older I got, the more I realized if I love something and wear it with confidence more than likely other women will love it too. I'm not talking Lady Gage circa 2009 either folks!

Keep the basics; a great pair of jeans, a simple black tee and a few pair of shoes that go with anything;then slowly add in some fun pieces to mix and match and add character to your style.

All pieces from Shop MaLyn Logic collection. Make sure to follower her on Facebook & Instagram

bottom photos by Sarah Vanderford Photograpy

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