Cozy up for the Holidays with easy Traditions

It's safe to say the holidays are the best time of year and it's mostly because it's a time for family and friends. Each year I look forward to warm cozy nights cuddled up by the Christmas tree and lazy days of play with my kiddos.

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Along with the lights and the sounds of the Christmas holiday comes the many traditions that families share. One that I have loved doing with my kids is giving holiday pajamas. Let's face it, during the holiday break the best thing to wear is your jammies while watching movies and drinking cocoa!!

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This year my boys opted for the "lets not match mom" pajamas, so lucky for me I had two more children who don't yet have a say in what they want to wear. We snagged these fun Lights Out matching sets from our favorite pajama shop Lazy One.

Sliding into these made me so very excited for the upcoming cold weather and holiday festivities. If you are looking for a fun gift for your kids, or to give to friends and family, I highly recommend Lazy One for quality made pj's.

Blissfully Boyce Blog Christmas Pajamas Lights Out LazyOne

Another big tradition we do in our family is Elf on the Shelf. Some parents despise the elf and rightfully so, they can become overwhelming. We are wild enough to have 4 of those little suckers in our home! I just keep telling myself "One day the kids will pass on their elf to their kids". But for now, I will happily run around each night like a mad woman finding hiding spots and random things for these tiny elves of Christmas joy to do. If you want to follow along for fun ideas to use on your Elf, come hang with me on Pinterest.

Blissfully Boyce Blog Christmas Holiday Traditions

Traditions can be big or small in your home. They don't have to cost a dime to make your kids excited to partake in them with you either. The magic of the holidays comes from the love and memories you share as a family.

Blissfully Boyce Blog Cozy up for the Holidays Christmas Pajamas Lazy One

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