When sports players kneel while SOLDIERS stand tall something is wrong.

I remember being younger and hating when my dad had to leave on deployment. He was a US Navy Seal and a real life super hero to me. He chose to fight for this great country that we call home and he fought to protect the many freedoms we are lucky to have.

Now as an adult it pains me to hear him talk about politics, mostly because he is so passionate about them and you would be crazy to ever oppose him. All joking aside, I know that he takes so much to heart because he dedicated so much of his life to protect the land that we love.

Soldiers stand while players kneel Blissfully Boyce blog

With all the news outlets plastering videos and dedicating headlines to sports teams and players that are protesting our National Anthem I can't help but get angry. Yes they have the freedom of speech, but they have that freedom because there are men and women out there fighting for it while they make their millions on the field.

As a blogger/Influencer I absolutely understand the impact that a platform of any kind can give someone. It allows you to speak up for those who have no voice and to express your own views and opinions. I also understand the impact we as Americans have on other nations that are watching our every move.

The moment a player kneels, they show that they have no respect for the anthem,their nation or those fighting for their freedoms. For those that say "I kneel to show respect for those fighting but I don't stand because I don't respect the President and his actions" are full of it. My father despised Obama but he never sat down during an anthem because of it. He held his hand over his heart and stood proud for the COUNTRY he lives in and the SOLDIERS who protect him.

Believe me when I say, no foreign country is looking at us as Americans and thinking "Wow look at them on their knees during the ANTHEM TO THEIR COUNTRY, they seem so proud!" No, I genuinely believe they look at us and think, this country is weak.

This country that my father,grandfather, father in law, uncle,cousin and many others whom I love have fought hard to protect is being mocked because of people with NO RESPECT!

If we protested these players games and decreased their salaries I do believe we would see a change. It is their freedom to speak out on things they don't agree on and it is our freedom to protest their sport.

I think it is crazy that the very men and women who fight for our country make less than those who take a knee because they feel it symbolizes their voice!!! I bet if they had to throw on a bullet proof vest and instead of covering a player on the field they had to defend their brothers in the line of duty, the respect to STAND during THE NATIONAL ANTHEM would be much greater.

Get to your feet and if you have an issue speak out in other ways, not against an ANTHEM to PRAISE and THANK those that have,are and will die for you to play a million dollar sport!

Thank you to the brave men and women who fight for our country. You are not forgotten!

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