You may be a Mom if...

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Y'all Mom Life is legit exhausting and semi hilarious. I would start this blog off on a positive note, but I would rather just cut it to ya straight! Truth is, most of you reading this are nodding your head because you agree. So I decided to write up a little blog on sure signs that you are in fact a Mom. Let's begin shall we?!

1. You may be a Mom if, You need more than two cups of coffee or caffeinated beverage to get you to lunch time.

Let's all raise our funny meme mugs with rich roasts of heavenly delight in honor of the sleeps we have lost!

2. You may be a Mom if, You in fact can locate every article of clothing,school supply or sports gear that you asked your child to put away the day before.

There may or may not be a box outside collecting goodies for the donation center so you never have to feel bad for tossing things that your kids clearly don't care about!

3. You may be a Mom if, You can multi-task like a level 5 warrior.

What is a level 5 warrior you may ask? I have no clue but it sounded as amazing as I feel when I get 6 things done at one time and none of my kids lose a limb in the process.

photo by Sarah Vanderford Photography

4. You may be a Mom if, you can sing every theme song to Nick Jr shows, Disney Jr shows and Trolls.

You are on a next level gig if your kids do in fact tell you that they hate your singing! That my friends is truly winning at Mom Life.

5. You may be a Mom if, your go to meal is drinkable yogurt.

No you definitely read that right. I remember watching a stand up skit by Ellen DeGeneres about drinking yogurt and I was laughing so hard. Now I am that Mom that grabs the Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt Drinks and runs out the door to drop offs, pick ups or early morning sports games. Who have I become?! Truth is they are yummy, portable,and healthy with 10g of protein which leads to my next point.

All about my yogurt here

6. You may be a Mom, if going to the gym is substituted with wrangling kids.

So now I am the Mom that takes pride is drinking her healthy Dannon® Oikos® yogurt and squatting to wipe dirt from my child's mouth after he decides mud is a food group. Or dead lifting my toddler daughter from the floor to her bed when she passes out on episode 4 of Peppa Pig.

7. You may be a Mom, if you wear the same outfit 3 days in a row, but change your hairstyle each day.

Did you giggle a little because you know this is absolutely true? Good, I did too. Same shirt different top knot is my tag line!

shirt by Little Mama Shirt Shop

8. You may be a Mom, if you nose dive into a diaper with no regard for who is watching.

I have gone right up into the backside of my child looking for evidence of poop and realize only after the fact how odd I must look to people passing by. You could also add that you are a veteran Mom if you can smell a fart and know which kid it came from, just saying!

9. You may be a Mom if, the crust of a sandwich, the last few goldfish and the backwash of a drink are a delicious meal.

We can't all eat five star meals daily, but a Mother knows how to make due with what she has.

10. You may be a Mom if, you read this entire blog and nodded at least once because you are living it too!

If nothing else, we laughed together and we realized that drinking Dannon® Oikos® yogurt isn't totally uncool when you have a busy life. So let's raise those beautiful plastic yogurt bottles and cheers to the carpool lines, sideline scrimmages and late morning drop offs.

In all seriousness, Dannon® Oikos® yogurt is a great way to snack on the go without grabbing a ton of junk. It does need to be refrigerated,but these 4 pack portable yogurts can be found at local Wal-Mart retailers near you. Packed with nutrients and 10g of protein you are sure to feel like you made at least one good decision for the day!

Excuse my face,but its worth the laugh.

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