How much time is too much time?

Most couples when they fall in love want to spend every waking moment with each other. The thought of being a part kills them and they soak in all that honeymoon bliss. I love this. If two people love each other they should want to spend all their time together, right?

The other day my husband and I had a very real conversation about the dynamics of not only our marriage but our home life. I am going to get a little personal for the sake of showing you why too much time can sometimes be a problem.

photos by: Sarah Vanderford Photography

You see, we both work from home. He is a successful Realtor who can work from the house and leave for appointments that he sets up. I am a stay at home mom who is fortunate enough to blog on the side. Both lead to very flexible schedules. With this said, we spend A LOT OF TIME TOGETHER! To some they may think, "Oh my God I'd love to have that kind of lifestyle." To which I would say, "It's great, until you forget what its like to miss each other!"

I think as couples we take for granted the joy of missing each other.

It's something that I believe creates passion and excitement in a marriage. The only reason I can say that so boldly is because I'm a living example. When you spend every second with your spouse there is no need to ask things like:

"How was your day"

"What was the new client like"

"You have to hear what the kids did today"

"I made this amazing new recipe and I want to tell you about it"

"Did you close the deal"

"I've waited all day to show you the house that I cleaned. what do you think?"

Never thought about it that way have you!? All those little moments that create conversation or spark excitement to share with each other are lost in the fact that you are doing them together. I also don't want to mistake what I am saying as- spouses shouldn't want to share these moments together. But when you are each sharing in the same chaos of kids and household chores and business deals and whatever else it may be, you don't have a chance to come home to each other at the end of the day to decompress and find a safe haven in each other.

Take time to miss each other. Flirt through the phone, hug when you get home, husbands buy her flowers because that NEVER GETS OLD! Chat about your day and share the good and the bad moments. Take time to connect again. For couples working inside the home or even the office together, find ways to create a bit of space so that when you come home you have something to talk about.

What I learned from my conversation last night with my husband is simple, if something seems stale or boring don't throw in the towel, find new ways to play the game! Now go love on your spouse, you both probably need it!!

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