Making Back to School Meals Tasty and Easy

It's no secret that we have a large family and with that comes the possibility of every child wanting different snacks and meals. Today I am sharing how our whole family loves using Cheerios as meal and snack options. Let's be honest Back to School breakfasts,lunches and after school snacks can sometimes be a hassle, but with easy ideas using Cheerios all that becomes a breeze. With Cheerios being a healthy option and now Gluten free, all families can enjoy these simple choices.

In the morning we start our kiddos off with a simple bowl of Cheerios. Made with real honey the little ones don't even notice that they are eating a healthy option, WINNING! Each child can enjoy cereal in their own way. Our older boys prefer it straight from the bowl with milk, whereas our youngest ones just want something to grab with their hands.

Another fun breakfast option is Yogurt bowls. We created ice cream sundae inspired yogurt bowls using all the goodies you would find in the dessert,without the ice cream. Our daughter feels as if she hit the morning jackpot with this easy recipe! Simply portion out your vanilla yogurt,add in a handful of your favorite Cheerios flavor,top with fruit and add some sprinkles!!!

Need an idea for the kids lunches? Toss together a simple trail mix using nuts, chocolates, raisins,goldfish and your go to Cheerios flavor of choice. What kid does not love a grab bag of goodies when they unzip their lunchbox?! I know mine do.

No matter what part of the day you need a simple treat for, Cheerios makes it easy to create something fun and yummy for all the kids in the family. Don't break the bank or stress over anything other than second grade math homework for the rest of the year!

From my crazy family to yours, we wish you a wonderful school year with amazing treats and awesome memories! xoxo The Boyce's

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