Create a space for silence

With all the noise that commands the stage here in our home, it's nice to find a room of silence. Let me rephrase that, a room as close to silent as humanly possible. Truth be told with a family of six there truly is no "quite room", unless you wake up before the sun itself.

The sitting room in our home is rarely ever used, yet it's the most relaxing place in the whole house for me. The sun shines perfectly each morning and as it fades to dark- it calms even the most restless parts of my day.

I love to take a moment to read a magazine or peek in as my boys actually decide to read instead of play phone games! A room that is made simply to BREATHE; to decompress and come back to normalcy, whatever that may be.

I think I enjoy this space most of all because it seems to be the only place that isn't constantly destroyed by toys and food. As a mom, this is a big deal! Peace comes in silent moments and fewer swipes of the broom.

This sitting room has minimal decor and nothing is expensive.I'd love to add some poufs and relaxed reading spots to the room. With a roaming flock of kids I have come to the realization that until my kids become adults, I will never be able to have truly nice things. The only thing I have invested in that is worth the price tag are my washable rugs by Lorena Canals. Spills, Dirt and Life can take their toll on the house but all I need is a 45 minute cycle in the wash and all is right with the world again!

Take time to create a space in your home you love. A place to find the quiet moments in life. Make it comfortable and bright. Add texture and touches of personality that are unique to your family. Allow yourself to actually live in this space; not like those plastic covered couch rooms in your grandparents home. Play games, read books,cuddle up and unwind. A house is a home by the memories you create in it!

Rug c/o Lorena Canals Sign c/o QueenB Home

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