Hey Mama, it's okay to take a break

After almost ten years of being a Mom to four kids, I am slowly coming out of the haze of it all. I am finally starting to take a Moment for Me in the midst of all the chaos of our busy life. As mother's I believe we feel guilt for taking time to ourselves, for investing in our happiness. Today I am here to tell you to toss that thought and give yourself a break, LITERALLY, with the help of Aveeno®.


As women, investing in our well being and giving ourselves a "Moment for Me," is necessary! I got a chance to try out a few of the new products from Aveeno® and let me just tell you, I was highly impressed! From head to toe, Aveeno® allowed me to feel like I was being given the spa treatment right in my own sub-par bathroom.

Ryan and I had talked about what would allow me, as a woman, not just a Mom, to decompress and refocus for the day. I decided that random time with my close friends is a must and occasional quiet time in a bath or shower are what allow me to relax. The good thing is, neither one of these things takes a lot of time or money to enjoy.

When my youngest son was born, we switched to Aveeno® products as they were the best for both baby,toddler and parents alike. I love that they aren't outrageously overpriced and yet I know I am getting salon quality.

I had to laugh while writing this because I wanted to sound like a total babe when it came to my beauty regime, but truth is, I wash my hair maybe twice a week and then dry shampoo the heck out of my hair the other days. The reason I share this with you is to say "Invest in a product that makes you feel clean and taken care of, even if it's once or twice a week."

My favorite product that I am eager to share with you is the Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt Vanilla & Oats. Good lord gals, that Body Yogurt smells like vanilla heaven. There is something so calming about a hot shower or bath and then lathering up to smell like anything other than bacon grease and spit up. Thank you Aveeno® for allowing me to smell like a woman again! Join along in the chance to win the ultimate "Me Time" wellness retreat for two and a year's supply of Aveeno® products here.

As women it's crucial for us to take a moment for me, but as Mom's it's a necessity. The dishes will get cleaned, the laundry will get folded and the kids will be okay, even if we take thirty minutes to escape to the bath! So give it a try this week and grab yourself some goodies from Aveeno® and join in on Aveeno® " A Moment for Me!" Your family will appreciate the new Mom that emerges clean and happy..TRUST ME!" For a chance to win the ultimate "me time" wellness retreat for two and a year's supply of Aveeno® products, check out the Aveeno® #MomentForMe contest here.

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