My Body at 32 weeks Pregnant

I've finally hit that stage and damn if it isn't driving me crazy. Yep, I'm at the "GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME" stage of pregnancy. No matter how often a woman tells you she loves being pregnant, there will come a point during the adventure when she starts spitting fire and cursing the man who put her in this position.

Before I go any further and get a ton of criticism for not appreciating the gift of life I get to carry, let me say this, " I am very thankful that I have been blessed enough to carry four children into this world." Now with that being said, the reality is, I am a human and no matter how joyous this should be, having another life growing inside you can become exhausting.

Lets start from the feet up shall we...

My feet our swollen and black and blue. Yes, literally black and blue from busted blood vessels. Just another reason I'm thankful it's boot season right now.

My legs look as if a garden snake, that just ate rocks, is crawling beneath my skin. If that doesn't gross you out reading it, let me assure you the sight of it is God awful. This is why I wear leggings and maxi skirts no matter the weather. Hell no I'm not showing these legs to the world.

My hips won't lie. They indeed scream "Hey watch how far I can expand while carrying babies!!" I kid you not, I have a built in shelf to hold my children now from the wideness of these things. They also make any form of walking turn straight into a waddling contest.

My butt. It's there. The end.

My lovely baby bump. It's expanding at a rapid rate. I lather it in all kinds of body butters to make the itching of stretched skin not seem so horrifying.

My boobs. Holy hell are they huge. Not in that "Oh how sexy" kind of way either. More of a "I feel like a Cow who needs to be milked" scenario. After my first three kids sucked the life from my breast I swore I wanted big boobs again. I'm slowly starting to rethink that one.

My face. It's chunky. I have two chins and cheeks for days. This too shall pass.

My wardrobe and I are in a constant battle of "Pull yourself together Christina" and I seem to always be on the losing end. Luckily I have found comfort in LulaRoe leggings, graphic tees and items from local maternity shops.

My thoughts, they are not my own. This womb dweller has taken over all reasonable decision making abilities I had. Of course I know it's wrong to drink coffee during pregnancy, however my fetus disagrees. Yes it's a bad decision to eat an entire box of oreos myself, but the baby thinks this is best. No I shouldn't wear pajamas and over-sized shirts in public and luckily my baby has steered me clear of this!!!

The point is, pregnancy at this stage in the game is far from glamorous. Sure I can put on makeup, do my hair and rock one hell of a cute outfit, but that won't change all that is happening underneath. I am doing all I can to embrace these last eight weeks of pregnancy, as it will be my final ride on the preggo train. However no one said I had to hide the not so pretty parts from you all either.

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