8 Fun and Easy ways to FLIRT with your SPOUSE

During episode 3 of our No Filter Needed show, Ryan and I talked about marriage and flirting with your spouse. It was so fun to go back and forth giving eight tips for both wives and husbands on how to easily flirt with each other even through the chaos of the day.

These tips were found in our favorite book "Lists to Love By for Busy Wives/Husbands" by Mark and Susan Merrill. I did a blog all about how these books helped us in our own marriage which you can read here. We used chapter 21 to start up a fun conversation for you and your spouse too.

So to kick it off, here are the 8 tips for husbands and wives to help jump start the flirting again in your marriage! Don't worry, it doesn't cost a thing!


1.Give him the look- raise your brow, give him a once over, let him know you see him in a crowded room

2. Give him some lip- kiss kiss kiss, anywhere anytime in front of anyone EVEN THE KIDS

3. Give him some chatter-compliment your man on his outfit,his hair, the way he did the yard

4.Give him the tease- at a boring dinner? rub his leg under the table but never take it too far

5. Give him a creative thought- leave little signs that you are thinking of him in places he may go

6.Give him a peek- take a break from over sized shirts and wear something cute to bed

7.Give him a romantic night out- take the initiative and plan a date night for you both

8. Give him a romantic night in- make it fun and relaxing, a way to connect in your own space


1.Leave a note for her- little words of encouragement or ways to say shes on your mind

2. Leave a note on her car rear view mirror- "I'm jealous of this mirror because its looking at you"

3. Serve her practically in a surprising way- cook her dinner, do the laundry, run her a bath, anything she wouldn't expect

4.Text her when you get up and when you go to bed- It lets her know she was the first and last thing on your mind

5. Come up with something corny,but fun, to tell her or email her- think one liners and sappy high school pick up lines

6. Turn on her favorite song and have an impromptu dance session in the kitchen

7. Get dressed up,go outside, knock on the door, and ask her out on a date!!!!

8.Post a sincere and unexpected comment of praise on her social media pages- be humble and don't showboat, use it as a way to say you notice her and let the world knows what she means to you

We hope you enjoy this segment and we truly hope you try at least one or two of these tips in your own marriage to creative a fun and flirtatious environment for both of you and your kids!

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