Quick Mom Hacks: A Mattress at your Doorstep

We received this mattress as a gift from Leesa in return for our honest opinion, which we are excited to share with you today on the blog

When Ryan and I first got together we obviously inherited an old mattress from when he was a teen. Thankful for the chance to actually sleep on something other than the ground, we never complained. When we got married and moved into our second home we acquired an awesome bed from my sister and brother in law. You never really think much about a mattress until you start thinking about a mattress,if that makes any sense at all.

A few weeks ago I was scrolling my Pinterest page and came across this company selling direct to consumer mattresses called Leesa. As a Mom of four, going mattress shopping isn't really something I have time to do, but researching them online is a different story. I've seen a few brands through the blogger-sphere but always wondered how these bed in a box, direct to your door mattresses really felt. As I started researching Leesa there were two major things that caught my attention;

1. They were a local Virginia company

2.They are HUGE into giving back to charities that matter

Nothing makes me happier than supporting a company that is paying it forward and contributing to a worthy cause. For every mattress sold, Leesa plants a tree to help with their sustainability project as well as donating one mattress for every ten sold, which you can read about here.

The ability to navigate their website and order your mattress is seamless and makes the experience so enjoyable. There aren't a ton of bells and whistles, just clean and concise directions on how to get a mattress you want to your doorstep in a few clicks of a button. The Leesa Mattress is now available to try and buy in over 88+ West Elm stores nationwide!

Leesa Mattress now sold in West Elm locations blissfullyboyce.com

Ryan and I chose the California King and within a week our new mattress was at our door. I must warn you, the box may come a little scuffed, so don't get mad that it isn't pristine like all those fancy social media pics. Make sure you have someone around to help lift that beauty because it is HEAVY!

Leesa mattresses go from box to bed in a matter of minutes. It was so fun watching the mattress "come to life" after being unwrapped!!! You can learn all about the 3 components that make up your Leesa mattress here. I can honestly say, over the last week of sleeping on our new bed, we have had THE BEST SLEEP!!!!

what a mattress in a box looks like before it is unwrapped

After the bed is unwrapped and completely formed. This mattress is so soft!!!

In this stage of our lives, our kids destroy EVERYTHING including our bed. It seems as if the only form of entertainment is jumping and wrestling on the bed. Thankfully we now have a fresh start to our old mattress days courtesy of Leesa.

So for those that I have asked, we have loved our entire experience with Leesa. From ordering and delivery to unpacking and sleeping on it, we have been pleased with the results. If you would like to order one for your home, feel free to check them out here and take advantage of their 100 Night Risk Free Trial with Free Shipping.

To say thank you for reading along, take $100 OFF your purchase of your brand new Leesa mattress by clicking here and using code BLISSFULLYBOYCE. Feel free to touch base with me after you get your new bed in a box and tell me how much YOU LOVE IT AS WELL!!!


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