"No Filter Needed"- A Podcast sure to please

The time is here to FINALLY announce we have launched our PODCAST!!!!

No Filter Needed-The Ryan and Christina Show is a new realm of the internet we have recently dove into headfirst. When I say we, I am referring to Ryan and Myself. Together we have created a husband and wife Podcast sharing topics on Parenting, Marriage, Sex,Social Media, Business and anything that makes us seem like adults.

sign provided by Wildfolk Lumber

We have loved growing our individual social media platforms and developing our separate businesses. For those that may not know, Ryan is a Realtor/Investor with a growing business in Hampton Roads and I am a lifestyle blogger here at Blissfully Boyce. Through early morning coffee chats and conversations with friends, we realized there is a need for a no filter, raw and real, look at life.

We laugh at ourselves, so other people can feel free to laugh at us too.

Most people would think we would do a joint blog, however we feel the social media world is moving in a different direction and we wanted to be on the cusp of it. Which is how we came to podcasting. Most people don't know about podcasting as it's a very new thing. I like to think of it as blogging meets radio.

Our show is full of raw conversations, real life happenings and tons of laughs. We are a married couple with a lot of kids and a whole lot of learning to do when it comes to navigating life as adults. We figured what a fun way to get through the good,the bad and the WTF moments of life by sharing it with all of you.

So each week we ask you to listen in on the Podcast, or watch it on YouTube and stay engaged. Leave comments, write us messages, tell us your thoughts on the topics we discuss or that you want to hear about. We would love to have you give us a review on itunes, stitcher, or other podcast platforms.

He thinks I'm super annoying...I don't blame him.

We will also be interviewing amazing guests that are sure to give you quality content. If you want to join in the fun, send us a message and tell us what you can bring to the show! We would love to hear from you.

Finally we want to give a HUGE shout out to Rainey from Wildfolk Lumber for creating our phenomenal handcrafted wood sign! We sent her our logo for the show and she went above and beyond what we could have even envisioned. This sign is made of real wood, hand painted and crafted with immense detail. We HIGHLY SUGGEST checking out Wildfolk Lumber for all your wood sign needs. Trust me, Rainey can make just about anything it seems.

Our in home podcasting station

Rainey, the creator and hands behind Wildfolk Lumber ,holding our logo sign

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