Make the effort to date your spouse

After being married for almost ten years I can tell you that dating has become a lot less about the "bells and whistles" and more about the "cheap and easy". I am a huge advocate for dating your spouse, as I truly believe it will separate the solid couples from the ones heading to divorce court.

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When you take time to date your husband or wife, you are making an effort. There is effort to clear your schedule, effort to plan something, effort to dress up, effort to connect. Effort in anything can only lead to great results.

If you are in the Olympics and you don't make the effort to train, you will almost never win the Gold Medal. If you are in a new job and you never make the effort to learn the business, you almost never will get a promotion. Same goes for your marriage. If you don't make the effort to continuously romance your spouse, you almost never will grow your love.

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Dating doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. Sometimes just setting up a nice dinner or cuddling up for a movie is plenty good enough to show you care. Your spouse just wants to know they matter. Life can get busy and overwhelming and it's always nice to take a time out and simply be in the moment with the person you love.

Turn off your phones and talk. This is one of the hardest things for couples today, myself included.

I believe if more couples took time to date each other their would be less divorce, less fighting, less cheating and less frustration. A babysitter costs less than a divorce lawyer, so invest wisely!

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