Bringing back Family Time

Our family loves to have movie nights, cuddle sessions and hangout time. We love the ability to come together and enjoy each others company. The siblings even turn off fighting for a little bit.

With a big family it can be expensive to go to the movies or out to eat. In fact it can get pricey to do almost anything outside of the house, which is why we have learned to make the most out of the little moments.

blankets c/o Saranoni

After dinner walks to the park, or a mid week hangout sesh in our bedroom always leads to some entertaining tales and crazy antics. Now that our boys are getting older, our Friday night movie choices are getting less animated and more comedic and action packed..THANK GOD.

As parents, we want to give our kids EVERYTHING. In fact I struggle with wanting to buy them anything they ask for or take them everywhere, just to keep up with their demands. But when I stop and look at how happy they are during a simple night spent with the whole family or a day by the pool, I am glad to see it's not about the money spent, but the time invested.

photos by Sarah Vanderford Photography

Take time to set the table once a week (at least) and have the whole family enjoy dinner together. Turn off the cell phones and television and just talk about life. It is always so amazing to hear what our kids have going on in their worlds. It gives them a space to feel heard.

Make the effort to spend twenty minutes before bed, laying with your kids or playing together as a family. It's those moments they will remember most. In a very busy and demanding world it's always nice to bring it back to the basics, FAMILY TIME!