Quick and Easy Refreshing Summer Drink

It's summer time and that means fun by the pool all day and cookouts at night. As the only person in my family who enjoys an alcoholic beverage, I also love to find tasty and creative ways to let me kids and husband enjoy a refreshing drink as well, without the alcohol.

Today I am sharing a super simple way to make a festive and summery thirst quencher. The mixed berry sparkler as I've called it. With as little as 3 ingredients, this drink its low cost and quick to whip up for even the littlest guests at the party.

We grabbed a few bottles of our favorite sparkling water from Walmart, a small case of blueberries and some strawberries. We rinsed all the fruit and then cut slits into the strawberries to garnish our glass. We also took half the case of strawberries and cubed them to add to the drink.

Personally I love a cute mason jar, but you can use whatever glass or cup you have at home. Fill it with ice, add some blueberries, fill with sparkling water, top with strawberries and garnish with a whole strawberry. Give this berry flavorful drink (see what I did there) a swirl and enjoy!

Before I was even done prepping the drinks, my daughter tried to snag them off the table. We sat in the sun room as her brothers played and enjoyed a little Mommy Daughter time. She took a sip, gave me a cheers and said "This is yummy Mommy." As a mom, it's little wins like these that make the crazy days worth it.

So whether you are hosting a kids pool party, having guest over for an evening cookout or just want to make lunch time a bit more festive and fun, try out this simple and easy refreshing summer drink idea.

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