Two under Two -the struggle is real

As a blogger, you think I would have read all the stats, info and warning posts about having two under two. Nope! I blindly walked into the experience as if it wouldn't be a problem. Let me get this out of the way now,

It's hard as shit to raise two under two and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying!

all photos by Sarah Vanderford Photography

The problem came from the fact that, my oldest two were almost three years apart and there was a four year age gap between my second and third child. This means, I had time to wean them off bottles,begin potty training, their sleep schedules were at different times so the attention could be given when needed. They didn't need to be cuddled and soothed at the same times. It was easy. Then came the 18 month difference between my third and fourth kid.

So here is what I quickly learned is the hard part of two under two:

  • Similar feeding times, makes for a cluster f***

  • Diapers bought in bulk is expensive

  • Formula bought in bulk is expensive

  • Toys for two is expensive

  • Two car seats is expensive

  • Finding a double stroller that fits your lifestyle is hard and expensive

  • Kids are expensive

  • Bath time is like a juggling act

  • Bedtimes are a long process

  • You will never,ever have enough limbs

  • The crying is annoying and sometimes overwhelming

  • There is a lot of poop

  • Double teething is a rough stage

  • Fighting is bound to happen

  • Feeding time is messy

  • Once one cries, they both cry

  • Getting anywhere is a hassle

  • You will always be tired

  • It can be emotionally and physically draining

  • If you feel overwhelmed you are not alone

  • They both want your attention all the time, at the same time

  • There is a ton of love though..a whole lot of love

Blissfully Boyce, Motherhood, Two Under Two, Sarah Vanderford Photography

At the end of the day, I am thankful to have kids close in age as I know they will always have a friend during school and throughout life. It also doesn't change the fact that during this stage of life its hard as hell to raise kids 18 months apart. So if you ever see me out and feel like I look tired and overwhelmed, I AM! But don't let that stop you. Just know that after the first couple months of losing your shit you will always have Me to chat to about it.

Blissfully Boyce, Motherhood, Two under Two, Sarah Vanderford Photography

Blissfully Boyce,Motherhood, Two under Two, Sarah Vanderford Photography