Quick Mom Hacks: One bag,All occasions

Listen I don't know about you, but now a days my purse is my diaper bag and my diaper bag is my purse. Whether I am running out the door to the next sports game or getting fancy for a night on the town with my hubby, more likely than not, the bag I am grabbing contains proof that I am a mom.

Just because the inside houses evidence of motherhood (think goldfish,lollipops,diapers and stickers) the outside doesn't need to tell the same story. I appreciate that Lily Jade understands that Mom's want to feel like fashionable humans, not just dirty diaper slinging baby carriers. With genuine leather creations (trust me, one smell and you know these bags are real) in a variety of colors to fit your unique style, these bags are sure to please any woman.

all photos by Sarah Vanderford Photography

To be honest, I don't even think you need to be a Mom to own one of this amazing bags. Simply remove the pocket insert to give yourself more space and you can be any woman who loves a well made bag walking around town. Now a days it's all about simplicity. Women want to have one bag for all occasions.

I can dress myself up in a skirt and heels or keep it casual in shorts and a tee and my Madeline in Grey and Jade will still look amazing on my arm. Mom Life shouldn't define your individual style and thankfully with bags like these, it doesn't have to.

So next time you are in search of that MUST HAVE BAG, make sure to check out the collection over at Lily Jade and snag a bag that will last through years of parenting and beyond. Bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital with goodies stashed in your bag and in a few years take the same bag to your kids graduation from high school. With quality made bags, its absolutely possible to keep Lily Jade around for all the great moments of life.

This 4th of July weekend all Lily Jade bags are on sale so don't miss out!!

What's Your Must Have Item on a diaper bag you choose?

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