Throw Confidence like Confetti

I was scrolling Instagram the other day and I stopped on this meme, which spawned so many thoughts, I instantly knew I had to write a blog on it. When did we become so inclined to dismiss ourselves as not worthy of praise and compliments?

It is so common to see girls on social media post photos of themselves that they clearly feel sexy or beautiful in,only to have the caption read " Wish I looked like this today, but..."

I say just post the photo and caption it "I feel sexy as hell" and let's just see what kind of trend we start. We as a society of woman are so critical of each other that it's almost as if we critique ourselves in hopes nobody else will.

So here is my goal, I plan to post one photo a week of myself that I genuinely just feel beautiful in. A photo that makes me smile and that I instantly don't want to pick myself apart over. I plan to caption it as simply as this,


Oh my God can you imagine, the criticism!!! What will girls say about me? How self-centered can one person be? Who do I think I am? What kind of person actually compliments themselves?

Ladies, we have to love ourselves first before anyone else can love us. We have to appreciate all the flaws and things that make us different. We have to be okay with not being perfect, but loving the imperfections. We have to be okay with owning our unique beauty and sexiness.

I think one of the reasons we judge each other, is because we spend so much time judging ourselves. Let's make a change for the better. Compliment ourselves, compliment others and praise each other when we feel good about how we look.

I guarantee if we all started appreciating OURSELVES a little more, we would learn to appreciate others a little more as well. So let's start trending now, #throwconfidencelikeconfetti .Let's post those stunning selfies, well lit professional pics, glammed up boudoir, no makeup snapshots, unfiltered chaos...anything that makes you feel like one hell of a woman. I can't wait to see a "no apologies needed" view of social media beauty. You never see Gigi Hadid apologize for being gorgeous do you?

photos by Sarah Vanderford Photography

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