Quick Mom Hacks: Jewelry in a click

I am constantly on the go and barely ever take the time to shop for myself,much less shop with the intent of buying accessories. If I can score a new top and maybe some shorts, my life is going good. I'm not a glam kinda gal. My life is fast paced and usually involves dirt,goldfish crumbs and juice stains.

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Once in a while, I like to surprise my husband by actually wearing a matching outfit that looks like I attempted to care about my appearance. As he stands in shock that this woman he has been living with is actually capable of looking presentable, I smile knowing "I still got it".

We can't all be the pretty fashion bloggers of today, but thankfully we can grab a trusty skirt, knot a t-shirt at just the right position and add on our accessories thanks to Rocksbox. If you haven't heard of this amazing monthly box of goodness, let me take you into a world of pure joy.


Rocksbox was made for the gal that wants to glam herself up without the hassle of going to the store and picking out a ton of different options. Maybe you think you have a set style so you never try anything new. Perhaps you don't have a ton of money to spend on a few new pieces but want a couple options for some upcoming events. Welcome to Rocksbox!!!!

Blissfully Boyce Rocksbox Summer Style Blog


For $21 a month you create your style profile, add to your Wish List and your online stylist does the rest for you. Within a day or two your adorably package box of delight is sitting in your mailbox waiting for you to meet it with excitement. Wear all the pieces. Go into selfie overload. Gush over the new Kate Spade earrings or the Gorjana layering necklace that just came out, and yes absolutely obsess over your fave pair of Kendra Scott earrings!!!


Blissfully Boyce Rocksbox Summer Style

Once you are finished swooning , flaunting and styling tons of different looks, simply send back the pieces you don't want to keep or use the $21 credit you get each month to put towards buying what you love.

I don't know about you, but as crazy and hectic as my life gets, receiving a perfectly packaged box of girlish delight in the mail each month is something to get excited about. So don't wait!! I would be happy to get you your first month FREE because that's what gal pals do.

So don't worry if you love rocking the cut off shorts and simple white tee, Rocksbox can glam up your look quick. When you join feel free to use code TryRBXOXO

Blissfully Boyce Rocksbox Blog

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