Don't Ask That-Life with multiple kids

One of the funniest things someone could say to Me, as I am out and about with my kids is,

"Are they all yours?"

to which I would giggle and say,

"Nope, I kidnapped them all and thought the best place to go was out in public"

Blissfully Boyce, Mom of 4, Mom Life

Here is a tip for saying things to a Parent with multiple kids, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!

Obviously all the kids that are hanging on her like leeches and causing her to look ten years older than her actual age are her's. I'm pretty sure no parent in their right mind says "Hey Sally go invite five of your friends over so I can take them all to get ice cream all by myself, and while you're at it make sure the ages range from pre-teen to baby"

I also would like to point out, that no human willingly walks into a store with more than one child as if it was something they were hoping to do. So if you spot an adult roaming the dollar section of their local Target store, be sure not to ask "Are they all yours?" unless you want to pay the cashier for the 14 items in the cart that wouldn't be there if all those kids weren't tagging along.

Blissfully Boyce, Mom of 4, Mom Life

Next up, when finding a mother (or father) out to dinner with a slew of spawn, don't say things like "Wow, do you know how those are made?" Yes in fact we were going to have sex right here in Red Robin after the main course just so we could add another to the brood. OF COURSE WE DO!!!! We also now know that sexy time is few and far between because we did it so many times that we now have tiny humans who make it impossible.

Blissfully Boyce, Mom of 4, Mom Life

I love having a big family, I even meant to do it. My husband and I are very aware that in today's society it is not the norm to see a ton of kids. We get it. What we also get, is how often people seem to be shocked that families our size still exist, as if we should have died off with the Brady Bunch.

So don't be alarmed if my sarcasm runs deep when answering silly questions about how many kids I have. Trust me, I KNOW IT'S ALOT!!!

Blissfully Boyce, Mother of 4, Mom Life