Instagram is losing it's charm

I'm sure you are all super sick of myself and plenty of other bloggers bitching about the changes being made to our favorite social media platform. Let's look at it like this though; it's the same as if you rented a house and the homeowner came in and started knocking down walls stating "We think YOU would prefer it this way" To which we would say "Umm no I definitely rented it because I loved the layout before" Plain and simple, Instagram is losing it's charm...FAST!!!

Blissfully Boyce, Instagram has created a monster, Lifetstyle Blog

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" -Albert Einstein

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Everyone has mentioned, blogged,freaked out and protested the dreaded ALGORITHM and while it's annoying to hear, it's how many of us made a living or were able to share our creative content. I get that social media and the internet will forever be changing to keep up with the newest fads and best features,but changing things because you want to make money off of us is frustrating.

Instagram was a place to share content in an organic and creative way. Influencers and Bloggers spent time building GENUINE and TRUSTED platforms for brands to market through. It was a space which we both benefited. Now it seems you have to cheat to get noticed and pay to get paid. It's less than entertaining.

I read the most amazing article today from Sara Melotti the creator of Quest for Beauty and the blog Behind the Quest. She gave the raw and truthful behind the scenes look at how many people are "playing the game" to gain Insta-fame. You can read the article HERE.

Being plugged in to social media, I know all too well about these tricks to beat the system and some I have actually tried (see Comment Pods). But like Sara I feel that the creative nature in Me has diminished in an attempt to keep up with the "Big Names". Why?

Why try so hard to fight a losing battle. Social Media is meant to be fun and entertaining. I am going to attempt to use the space for pleasure and not for work as much. If growth comes, I will welcome it, however it is not sought after.

If I am a true blogger than my passion should be in building my Blog. The place in which my words began. The place at the heart of it all. So if you want to follow along with my life, my words, my passion... please SUBSCRIBE and let's build this THE RIGHT WAY!!!

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Thank you for always supporting my writing. For taking time to comment,message and share my work. This blog started as a place to connect with other women and through it, I have done some amazing things. At the end of the day it all comes back to the start- words written to create unity.



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