I hope my daughter is just like Me

So often I read blogs, articles or letters titled "I hope my child is nothing like Me." I can't think of anything more negative. Sure, there are plenty of traits I hope my daughter doesn't acquire of mine, but I love myself enough to know that there is so much I hope she does take from me.

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There is nothing wrong with being proud of the woman you are. Have respect for your values and being accepting of your flaws. All the things I love about who I am and all the things I am actively working to change, make me exactly who God chose to raise this little girl.

So yes when my daughter hits new milestones in her life I hope she takes these things from her mama and makes them uniquely her own.

I hope she laughs with her whole heart.

I hope she cries when her heart aches and feels no shame in it.

I hope she loves passionately and without fail.

I hope she loves Jesus with every ounce of her being.

I hope she is driven.

I hope she gives more than she takes.

I hope she is smart, but not too smart for her own good.

I hope she respects herself.

I hope she loves herself without apology.

I hope she is funny, really really funny.

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I hope she is bold in her faith when others may be too timid.

I hope she always lends a helping hand.

I hope she is a trusted friend.

I hope she says "No" when others only say "Yes".

I hope she uses her voice to better the world.

I hope she gives all she has to what she loves.

I hope she doesn't let life hold her back.

I hope she knows that swearing is frowned upon but hey sometimes shit happens.

I hope she sees the good in people.

I hope she listens more than she talks.

I hope she is stubborn.

I hope she accepts others for their differences

I hope she is confident.

I hope she knows she is beautiful from the inside out.

I hope she loves her family fiercely

I hope she knows how much I love her.

All the good and some of the bad, I want her to love every ounce of who she becomes. If I can raise her to be a good human, then I will be satisfied with my role. At the end of the day, I absolutely hope my daughter ends up just like Me, because it's okay to say that.



Blissfully Boyce Blog, Motherhood, Lifestyle Blog

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