Raising four kids is not easy, but it is not impossible

Let's start with getting a few of the typical questions answered and out of the way shall we.

Yes,we know how babies are made- clearly we enjoyed that part. No we are not Mormon,Catholic or any other religion that is stereotyped by having large families. We love Jesus and that is all you need to know. Yes, we are ABSOLUTELY done having kids.

Okay now that the most frequently asked questions are out of the way, let's talk about daily life and raising four tiny humans.

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Growing up as the oldest of three siblings, I always knew I wanted a big family. I loved how a typical day at home felt like a play date and any vacation felt like a party because there were sisters to play with. Now that I am the Mom, I can completely understand that my own Mother must have felt like the world was chaotic and messy.

The only way I can describe surviving life as a Mom of four is, constant multi-tasking. There is never a still moment, peaceful silence or a clean house. Food is always being prepped and served and there is always somewhere to be. Life in my house has become one big assembly line of humans.


-get dressed

-prep the backpacks

-make the lunches

-kisses and hugs

-off to school

Then comes round two for the youngest kiddos.

After all the food is picked up it's a mad dash to see how much laundry can get cleaned before nap time hits (because God forbid my kids ever nap at the same time).

Then comes the second half of the day

-prep dinner

-greet the kids from school

-homework and snack

-referee a fight


-get ready for sports, church,class,lifeline,meetings,etc

-make dinner

-clean up the kitchen

-pick up the tornado that went through my house


-goodnight routine

-second round of goodnight needs

-are we finally going to sleep??

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My day is long, it's loud and it's sometimes overwhelming. Raising four kids is not an easy task and honestly, it's truly not for everyone. I love being a Mother and I honestly think I feed off the insanity that has become my life. Without the noise and the mess, I would be so bored. I am thankful for spilled juice and misplaced socks. I am honored to clean shit stains out of underwear and hunt down the odd odor in the closet. I am blessed to prep so many meals and kiss so many little faces.

Don't worry I made sure to copy and paste that last paragraph for the days I am losing my mind and wondering how my life got so crazy.

I am not superhuman, I don't know what I am doing half the time and I am definitely no better at this Motherhood thing than anyone else. Raising kids is a daily learning experience. Each day brings new struggles, new joys and new WTF moments. Each one of my kids is different in their own wonderful way and that alone can be hard to juggle.

Blissfully Boyce Blog/Motherhood/Raising four kids

Photo by Sarah Vanderford Photography

The great thing is, that whether you are a first time Mom or a four time veteran in the game...we all wake up with the same struggles and go to bed with the same joys. We are all raising the next generation of amazing people and that's a pretty cool thing to celebrate.

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