Marriage is like eating with chopsticks

Marriage is like chopsticks, it looks easy until you try it. No truer words have ever been published in my opinion. I have been married for ten years now, and I can honestly say I don't have a blog with amazing tips on how to have the perfect marriage. In fact, I don't believe a perfect marriage exist.

I love my husband more today than the day I married him. We have been through hell and back in our relationship and I am thankful for every stumble along the way. I think the struggle is what allows two people to test their love and respect for one another.

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When my husband and I met, it was a rapid love affair that left us expecting our first child three months into dating. No one,including us, probably thought we would actually make it as a couple. My greatest accomplishment to this day is the ability to say "I LOVE HIM LIKE CRAZY" even after all that life has thrown at us.

Marriage is not easy. In fact, if anyone ever tells you that fairy tales are real,throat punch them and run. Fairy tales are for the movies. Life is full of; morning breath kisses, toilet- seat- up arguments, "who's turn is it to take out the trash" moments and speed sex before the kids burst through the door. There is nothing and I mean nothing glamorous about real life love. Yet that is the utter appeal of it all.

Two people choosing to take on life together despite how shitty it may get. To look at your spouse when the lights may get turned off because of late payments and saying "should we do a candle lit dinner" just to get a laugh. When the house is a mess and the kids are arguing and yet you have a moment in the midst of it all where you lock eyes and smile knowing you created all that chaos.

Blissfully Boyce Blog/ Marriage

You will fight, you will disagree, you will get mad and hurt. You will cry and laugh, sometimes at the same time from the struggles of daily life. The bills will pile up, the schedule will always be busy and the days will seem to end too quickly. This is real life. Make sure to choose a spouse that makes all that craziness worth it.

At the end of your life, the person standing beside you should be able to say "I love you for making life a wild adventure" because if it were easy, it wouldn't be any fun. So grab those chopsticks and even if you can't eat perfectly with them, at least make the meal entertaining!!

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