Mom Life can still be fashionable

Sometimes as Mother's we get so caught up in taking care of everyone around us, that taking care of ourselves comes last. We are usually the last to sit down to eat, the last to go to bed at night, the last one to get a shower (thank God for dry shampoo) and the last one to buy ourselves cute clothes.

I bet if I took a survey right now, over half of you would admit that your kids dress nicer than you whenever you leave the house. Their hair is always combed or pinned back with the cutest floral clip and their shoes match their outfit. Then standing next to them- YOU, in all our thrown together glory!! It's a trend to wear leggings and graphic tees stating our claim to Motherhood. You are a legit mom if this is your go to attire. TRUST ME, I KNOW!

Yet the moment we decide to put on a little makeup, throw on some wedges and pair our graphic tees with a cute skirt, we are deemed "trying too hard". When did giving yourself the same attention to detail as your kids become wrong?

Pants c/o Savvy Wool Boutique Sweater c/o Apricot Lane

Just recently I have tried to be more diligent about giving myself the time to dress nice. If I find a new skirt or pair of shoes I don't automatically think "Where will I ever where that to?" Now I buy it with the intention of wearing it wherever my little heart desires- like to Chick-fil-A for fries and a milkshake!!

skirt c/o Savvy Wool Boutique

Just because we are Mom's does not mean we lost our joy for being Women. Most of us, before Motherhood, loved shopping and dressing up. We would find any chance to splurge on a new pair of earrings or cute sunglasses- so why stop now?!

I am not saying go break the bank, but I am definitely saying that it's okay to wear a skirt to Target simply because it's sunny and your legs look good in the skirt. Stop looking for other women to give you the okay to wear things. Put it on, dance around, smile at yourself in the mirror and ROCK IT MAMA!

Top c/o Ruby's Rubbish Skirt c/o MaLyn Logic

All Photos are by the one and only Sarah Vanderford Photography. If you are a local blogger or business, I highly suggest using her!!

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