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Come in, let's mingle. Let me tell you all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. Whoa, wait, I got a bit carried away there! I wanted to let you into my little world for a moment-my world of Blogging.

All Photos by Sarah Vanderford Photography

When I began blogging almost four years ago, I never intended for it to become what it is today. Back when I started, blogging was a foreign term that people had to Google just to make sure you weren't making up words. Fast forward to today and I feel like I am fighting harder for something that was once a rare and unique space.

I want to believe I am different. I guess we all want to believe we are different or unique. If I was to stop blogging tomorrow I want people to remember what I brought to the table. A dose of reality sprinkled with a touch of sarcasm. I LOVE what I do. There is nothing that gives me more joy than connecting with women. To know that we can all come together to laugh, cry or scream at the chaos of life through this cyber world is nothing short of amazing.

About a year ago,blogging brought Meg and the Hello Mamas brand into my life. It was the point that I finally took myself seriously as a blogger because someone else finally took me seriously too. It's amazing how one small spark can ignite a flame and create a blazing fire where there was once nothing but brush.

If you haven't heard of Hello Mamas let me give you a little insight. It's an amazing app connecting mother's EVERYWHERE!!! You can download the app here to learn more. Put together a fun profile and start connecting with mama's in your area. Don't worry if meeting mom's through the cyber world kind of freaks you out, the app can be used for other great things too-like alerting you if there is a child missing in your area. Let me just tell you, as a mom myself, this feature alone is worth it. Don't care if your kid is missing (odd, but okay) then download the app to get the buzz on all their latest giveaways!!!

Hello Mamas allowed me to connect with brands and other like minded bloggers when I came on as a global influencer. It has been a joy celebrating Motherhood and life- with other women just like Me. They continue to push me to reach more women, celebrate the chaos of life and write about the things that truly matter to me-THE BEAUTIFULLY IMPERFECT LIFE I LIVE!

One of the brands that Hello Mamas and I love is Lorena Canals and once I tell you more, I'm sure you'll love them too. These rugs are probably some of the softest rugs my little toes have ever touched. Even better than the fact they are handmade by artisans, using 100% cotton and non-toxic dyes, would be the fact that they are WASHABLE!!! Yes ladies, I said washable rugs. YOUR WELCOME.

They now have rugs for nurseries, kids rooms, living rooms and offices, like the one in my home found here. If your home needs a rug, Lorena Canals has something for you. This year they also launched their cotton baskets and tassel blankets. Now you can accessorize the entire room.

Since I am obsessed with this brand and Hello Mamas is all about giving you gals the best, we want to give one lucky reader a chance to win their very own LORENA CANALS RUG!!!! What's better than a blog about a fun new app, meeting local moms and possibly winning a washable rug?

Here is how to ENTER our GIVEAWAY

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