Hey Girl-Stop trying to have it all together.

The bathroom is a mess, the laundry seems to reproduce in the basket loads and the days seem to never hold enough hours to accomplish everything on the To-Do List. The only logical solution is to re-evaluate the To-Do List and tweak a few things and then laugh, or cry, into our coffee mugs. I highly suggest all of Mom Nation do this.

All Photos by Sarah Vanderford Photography

1. Stop giving a shit if your house is clean! It's not and probably won't be until you send your last kid off to college and that's if you get lucky and they move out as adults.

2. The laundry is your worst enemy, just accept it and move on. IT WILL NEVER,EVER BE DONE!

3. No one cares that your kid isn't wearing head- to- toe name brand clothes and matching, so don't stress about dressing them just to play in the yard. (hence why my kids are usually in diapers and snot stained shirts)

4. Recycle the same dinners from last week if it makes cooking easier. Just swap out the sides! And enjoy some wine if ya want.

5.Don't have time to do your hair? Thank God dry shampoo is all the rage. Tease the crap out of your hair and top-knot it.

6. Always, and I do mean always, add Target and Drink Coffee to your list. You will never feel like you didn't accomplish something for the day!!

7. Stop trying to be the perfect housewife, those don't exist. (I bet you feel better already just from that tip alone)

8. Sit down for at least 15 minutes each day. I promise it helps reset the craziness of the day. Let the kids watch t.v., iPad, video games if it gives you a break to decompress. NO, this doesn't make you a crappy mom.

9. Boxed dinners are absolutely a legitimate dinner option. BRING ON THE STOUFFERS!!!

10. Give yourself a round of applause. If all the kids make it to bedtime, fed and smelling fresher than a corpse on a summer day, YOU DID OKAY MAMA!

Whew, so glad we all now realize how easy our days can be if we just allow ourselves some grace and time to breathe. Now, lets all go take a lap at Target to celebrate!!