That Day in May (Celebrate Sobriety)

Six years ago, on this day,our life changed forever...

Technically it changed for him, but it was just as life altering for me.

I remember crying, yelling and praying he would see the pain in my eyes and hear it in my words. The pain that he had caused me during the first years of our relationship. You see alcohol is a like a possessive friend who doesn't share well. Every time he drank, I became useless and invisible to him. The alcohol won his attention every time. Until that day in May.

Growing up I always promised myself I would never be a statistic of divorce. No matter the problems, my husband and I would always find a way through it. Truth is, I also didn't know I was destined to marry an alcoholic. Nothing can prepare you for that kind of relationship.

Words never hurt so bad. "I love you's" never felt so shallow. "I'm sorry" became just another phrase to us- like Hello and Goodbye. {Casual and quick.} Trust was something I lost hope in and forever seemed like an impossibility.

I remember waking up that day and thinking to myself, "This was not the life I chose."

I walked into the kitchen with tears in my eyes and told him "I was finished"! It was time to decide what he loved more, His family or Alcohol. With anger in my heart and pain in my words, I told him to "leave and not to come back".Nothing hurt more than watching him walk out the door that day- but thank God he did.

God can't work on things that are perfect, but he can rebuild the broken into something beautiful. I will never truly know what He did to my husband that day in May, but all I know is He breathed Life back into him.

Six years ago today, my husband came home and hugged me with an overwhelming passion I had never felt before. It was a silence I knew could shatter my heart and mend it all at the same time. We cried. We held each other. We both knew what the other was thinking without a word being said. He has yet to touch a sip of alcohol since that day in May.

Photo by Brooke Tucker Photography

On this day I want to praise my husband for making a choice that some never have the strength to make. For choosing love over his own selfish desires. I want to thank him for allowing God to take over and realizing he could never do it alone. Our kids will be better because of that day in May. Our marriage will endure all that life throws at us, because of that day in May. My loving husband, you will see the world with more clarity than most people ever will, because of that day in May.

Alcohol is a possessive friend that doesn't share well, until love steps in and takes over.

Photo by: Sarah Vanderford Photography

If You, or someone you know, suffers from alcoholism or drug abuse please seek help. Sometimes the person needs a helpful hand but doesn't have the strength to ask for it.

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