On the Go Parent's choose Fruit Shoot Drinks

As parents we are always trying to encourage our kids to be TRUE TO THEMSELVES and do whatever makes them happy. In our home we tell our kids that no matter what they choose as "their thing" we will fully support them in it. With the help of Fruit Shoot and there campaign "It's My Thing" parent's everywhere can embrace all the wonderful sports, arts, play, educational,and creative ways that our kids express themselves.

Fruit Shoot drinks have NO SUGAR ADDED and NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, which is a pretty big deal when giving our kiddos a fun drink after a long day of play. There are three fun flavors to choose from including the new Fruit Punch ones and the resealable cap on each bottle makes it an easy choice for a grab & go option. No spills, no mess, no problems!

As an active sideline Mom during sports season, I am constantly packing snacks for the day to keep the kiddos hydrated and full. Knowing I don't have to worry about sugary drinks that can spill everywhere takes so much stress away for me.

My kids love to enjoy their Fruit Shoot drinks after school, while playing outside with friends, in between games and pool side on warm days. I love partnering with any brand that encourages kids to be active and have fun. These days more companies should help in promoting our children to get outside, run, play and BE EXACTLY WHO THEY WANT TO BE!

If you want to snag a pack, or five, just find a local retailer near you here. Invite the neighborhood kids over for a game of tag, hide and seek or a game of basketball and then excite them all when you bring out the Fruit Shoot drinks!!!

However your kid expresses themselves and showcases "It's My Thing" lets celebrate that! Share your photos via Instagram using #ItsMyThing #FruitShoot to share all your fun adventures with other parents around the world!

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