Slow down Mama, you're moving too fast

Hey Mama,

Did you miss it? Yea I figured you would if I didn't take a moment of your time.

Your kids are growing up right before your eyes, yet you seem to not notice. Your head is always down and your mind a million miles away. I hear them call out to you and all you can do is say "Just give me a minute" Luckily you have that minute to give.

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photo by Sarah Vanderford Photography

They want a back rub and ten minutes of your time at night but you're always so tired; yet I see you sit up and scroll the social networks as if those photos will give you something more than the time with your kids would.

"Mommy play with me" she always says to you; yet you have one more email, one more blog, one more post that MUST BE DONE. Will the world really end if those things wait thirty minutes? I bet you would see that everyone else can wait. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

photo by Sarah Vanderford Photography

They don't want to take a damn photo, have you not learned that yet. Put your camera down. They want to see YOUR FACE, not the backside of your phone trying to capture a forced moment in time. A moment they could be remembering forever with You.

The world will never give you the kind of love your children will, I can promise you that. This world doesn't owe you a thing and will turn on you the moment something better comes along. Your kids, they would wait forever to have their Mom run with them, play with them, lay with them, sing to them, hold them, be still with them.

When was the last time you were still? Peacefully still?

You can't remember can you. Maybe it's time to rest mama, because you're moving too fast.

Slow down before they are no longer looking to you for your time and attention.


Your Self

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