Tiny Mighty Frames: Give your home a BIG touch of personality.

Nothing makes a house feel like a home quite like family photos. Pictures instantly give life to the walls they adorn. Thanks to Tiny Mighty Frames even our little snapshots of life can turn into big touches of personality for our living spaces.

It's no secret I'm obsessed with pictures and like most people, all mine are usually set into tiny squares on Instagram. But gone are the days of leaving them there. In our upstairs hallway we have so much dead wall space that I wanted to fill it with something. When I came across Tiny Mighty Frames on Instagram I thought they would be the perfect touch to our home.

You can choose between the color and quantity of frames you want. I chose the 20 pack set of white 4x4 frames. I decided this would allow me to get the most diverse set of images of our family of 6 up on the wall. They have an easy to mount hook on the back of each frame, which is a huge deal to me! I hate when you have to go through the hassle of lining the holes on the frame with the nails on the wall (I never do it right the first time).

After taking an obvious trip to Target to print out my favorite pics off social media, I came home to arrange them on my wall. It took a couple tries planning the layout on the floor first. Once all the frames were hung, I proudly stood back and admired how lovely these tiny frames were in my home.

I should mention these Tiny Mighty Frames would be an amazing idea for Mother's Day gifts this year and any year. Mother's love photos of their kids and this is a way to personally give her a gift that means something special. So grab some frames and fill them with her favorite photos. Feel free to use code BLSBOYCE for 10% off your order at Tiny Mighty Frames.

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