5 Shops to help revamp your Kids Room

Most kids get a well decorated nursery before ever leaving the womb. However in our home when you are the forth child you get a cute room after your first birthday because,we're lazy. I'm not one of those design savvy mom's who has everything perfectly placed and color coordinated, so if you are that Mom this may not be the blog for you. If you are the Mom that loves quality decor and finding small businesses to support, then this absolutely is the blog for you. Today I am sharing 5 shops to help revamp your kids room.

First up is my gal pal Whitney Fox's new home decor line, B-Darling. I must warn you before clicking the link to view all of beautiful decor options, you will want EVERYTHING!!! Whether you are adding an accent wall to a nursery for a boy or girl, or adding statement curtains to a kids room, they have a design for everyone. They have the easiest removable/reusable wallpaper on the market in my opinion. From start to finish it took my husband and I less than an hour to apply our son's accent wall.

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Next up on the list, sheets. Believe it or not sheets give character to a room. They give a nod to the overall theme of the space without being too overwhelming. My newest obsession is Rookie Humans. Once you spend five seconds on their site you will enter a whimsical world of childhood slumber. The moment I spotted their sheets online, I knew I wanted my son to rest his sweet head to sleep on them.

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I may be the only one, however I think it's safe to say I'm not, who believes pillows are the main attraction to most rooms. Sometimes a room can feel finished yet once the perfect pillows are added, then it's actually COMPLETE! Today I want to share Project Whim with you. This shop is full of hand sewn pillows for little boys and girls to love for years to come.

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Photo by Sarah Vanderford Photography

These days no kids room is complete without a tee pee and I can finally see why. When we added our Katahdin Nooks "three-pee" to our sons room it created a space of imagination. Granted it was taken over by our older kids as a HIDE OUT FORT, but none the less it was used for sibling entertainment. Check them out for fun designs and easy to set up tee pees

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Last, but certainly not least, is a wooden growth chart from Wooden Grove. As parent's the one thing that we cherish the most is watching our children grow. I remember when we left our old home I made my husband rip the door frame off my kids closet because I couldn't let go of those little tick marks of growth. Thankfully these wooden charts can be hung on a wall, personalized and moved with us wherever we may go.

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With the help of these 5 small businesses, I was able to add personality and love to my son's room. It's a space I now enjoy being in and I can't wait to start re-vamping my other kids rooms too. Thank you for supporting these shops and let me know if you find something you love too!!



photos by Sarah Vanderford Photography

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