When Creative Minds Collaborate

April 18, 2017

There are some women who believe that keeping all business trade and inside tips to themselves is beneficial. Then there are those women who believe the more you collaborate and help each other, the more you will grow. I tend to lean towards the latter of the two. When creative minds collaborate noting bad can come from it.

 Props c/o Chic Unique Rentals             Clothing c/o Blue Green Aqua Boutique        


This past weekend I gathered together with four other local creatives (who happen to be my gal pals) to put together a fun photo shoot. We wanted to showcase their photography skills, while getting some amazing product images taken for companies we work with. With three bloggers and two photographers teaming up, the vibe was energetic and the photos were stunning.


 shirts c/o The Bee and The Fox                             necklaces c/o R&E Avenue


When women come together and use their connections to catapult their entire group, there is nowhere to go but UP!! Ideas begin to overflow and the possibilities are endless. I am blessed to have found this tribe of ladies that all want to succeed together.


 makeup c/o Shaana Gripp    shirt c/o Ford & Wyatt   skirt  Shop Stevie



 Bags c/o Coco& Kiwi    ALL Photos by Sarah Vanderford Photography 



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