Lamaze toys make play time fun

The moment the box came it was as if I couldn't open it fast enough. Our new Lamaze toys came and Conor was super excited to see what they were all about. I quickly learned that the bright colors and interesting sounds of Freddy the Firefly and Mix & Match Caterpillar aren't just for infants, but for toddlers as well.

As soon as the toys were released from the boxes, Ireland came charging in to confiscate them and claim them as her own. Sibling rivalry is a real problem in this house and fun toys like the ones from Lamaze make it even more entertaining to watch. The best part of educational and fun interactive toys is the chance to have playtime with both my youngest kids at once.

I took time to sit on the living room floor and allow Conor to really engage with the sights and sounds of the Firefly. From crinkle wings, to rattles in the head, this toy really makes itself known in the best ways. My son was able to shake it and bite it and investigate all that was going on. With Ireland we took apart the Caterpillar and then realized we had to learn that "the soft end matches with the scratchy end". After a little frustration, her mind began to understand that it was a fun matching game.

Watch how we played with our new Lamaze Toys

There is nothing better as a Mom then watching your kids learn something new right in front of your eyes. My daughter played with her Caterpillar for the next hour and then feel asleep for a nap with it curled up next to her. My son, well he left enough spit on Freddy the Firefly to claim it as his.

For over two decades Lamaze has been teaming up with Child development experts to create toys for kids of all developmental stages. It is a brand that is trusted but Mom's everywhere and for good reason. I encourage you to grab a colorful new toy, or two, next time you are roaming your Target store or browsing your Amazon site! Trust me, your kids will thank you for it.

Find Freddy the Firefly here and Mix & Match Caterpillar here



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