When did "Mom" become not enough?

I was talking with my husband today about not feeling as if I have enough time to invest into my blog as I would like. My days are filled to the brim with cooking, cleaning,kids and errands. Being a Mom is a full time job and at the end of the day can sometimes feel less than rewarding.

But when did being a Mom become not enough in my eyes?

So often the one complaint I hear from mother's on social media is, they don't feel like they are doing enough. They want to run the house, have amazing kids and own a side business too. No wonder we are so tired at the end of the day.

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When did being a Mom seem like it wasn't of great value? I don't mean appreciated, I mean valued. We forget how much we do and how truly important our role is. We want to add on so many extra things to make us feel worthy or valuable.

It is so easy to compete in a society that makes life seem like a competition. For a woman to feel a sense of worth or value she must have the cleanest home, the best dressed kids, cook Pinterest worthy meals and have a side gig that she is a "BOSS BABE" at.

As I sat today under a fort made of blankets draped over my headboard with my daughter, for what seemed like an hour but in reality was only 15 minutes I started thinking. What if I stopped worrying so much about being the best blogger and gave all that attention to being the best mom?!

What if I stopped trying to mirror my life to be like all the Mom's I see on social media and did the best version of what I know a Mom to be? What if all the time I spent checking likes and comments was used to read a book to my son? What if the time it took to take "the right photo" was spent actually playing with my daughter? What if the desire to be on the same level as some Mom's -who have the capability to be successful in this moment of their life- was given to playing sports with my boys?

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The hundreds of "What If's" is what has made me realize that being a Mom is enough, I just forgot to make it enough. I seek the approval of everyone else telling me I'm a good Mom and not enough time actually being a good Mom.

As women, we need to realize we are unique and valuable in our own ways. We need to stop trying to be second rate versions of ourselves in order to be like someone else. We need to own our worth and embrace the amazing journey we are on as Mother's. My fear is one day, very soon, I will look up from my phone and see my child no longer needs me to hide in a fort made of blankets.

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