The Kitchen is where Mama will be

Every house has one room that will always hold the best memories, our kitchen is that room. To me it's the heart of our home and the one we all seem to meet at to start the day and to end it. A kitchen nourishes both our bodies and our souls.

I love to cook and my kitchen is my playground. My husband knows his way around it, but the kids would agree, the kitchen is where you will always find Mom. Turn on a little bit of Frank Sinatra and pour a cold glass of Riesling and let me create.

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Each Friday I plan out my meals for the upcoming week thanks to the help of Pinterest and I order through Harris Teeter's online shopping site. I find it easier on my busy schedule to already know what I am making first thing in the morning.

I am very old school when it comes to eating, "What is set on the table is what everyone eats!!" I have found that my kids will usually eat most of what I cook; but I also don't make meals I know won't get eaten. If you have kids, feel free to follow along with me on Pinterest for all the tasty recipes I save. I try hard to cook healthy for my family,but I wouldn't say we are health nuts.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes I have tried and loved with my family.

1. Easiest Orange Chicken

2. Roasted Lemon Chicken Thighs

3. Quick and Easy Salisbury Steak

4. Honey BBQ Meatloaf

I will pick the main dish and then add in a vegetable and side, unless the recipe gives me all of those. I try to change up our vegetables and sides each night to give diversity. My biggest thing about cooking, is it must have flavor. These dishes as well as the others I pin are full of flavor.

So after a crazy day, you will find me dancing in the kitchen with wine in hand and praying to the cooking God's that my meal doesn't burn or lack flavor!

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