Social Media in 2017 (the stats you want to know)

The social media world is always evolving. Everyday there seems to be a new trick or an app that must be downloaded. There are seminars and tips being launched almost in the masses. Everyone wants to be the first to know how to do the "next big thing" and be the "next big thing."

In this blog I want to share some amazing statistics for 2017 Social Media Marketing that you may or may not know. Everything from Facebook to Instagram is changing daily to meet the needs of it's user base. Did you know that in 2016 Instagram added 100 million new users in only 6 months?!?! That's insane. The addition of things like Live videos, Business Pages and Stories is proven fact that people want to be a part of what's happening NOW according to this post.

If you love your beautiful photos on sites like Instagram and Facebook, hold tight. It seems the tide is changing and though we are a visual nation, people want live action. In 2017 this post predicts video will surpass photo content. It doesn't surprise me. We live for reality t.v. and instant gratification. Combine the two and you have social media gold in accounts that provide live videos and posts daily to it's followers.

Snapchat has always been the go to platform for raw and in the moment footage. In 2017 Snapchat is set to continue it's rank as a power house with Spectacles and Circular Video. It comes back to live video from real people. We want to see the world from someone else's eyes. In this post you can see the growth of many social media platforms over the next year.

If you want to know the latest news, the hottest trends, best local dining and even how Aunt Sally is doing in the Midwest, Social Media is the fastest way to get your information. This short post shows that Millennials are navigating these social platform changes and shows many ways in which our forms of communicating and finding information could change in 2017. Now more than ever is why Social Media Influencers are crucial for brands to invest in, and here you can see my thoughts on it.

To sum it up, social media marketing is here to stay. Top platforms like Facebook,Instagram and You Tube aren't going anywhere soon. If you want to stay connected, there has never been a better time than NOW to activate an account.

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