Target made me do it -(Why we overspend)

Raise your hand if you have ever walked into Target and only purchased what you went in there for?! Exactly, no one has and I believe it's designed that way. Ever notice how the dollar spot is conveniently placed right when you walk in the door and always stocked up with all the cute holiday essentials? It's like a mouse walking right into a trap full of cheese folks.

Listen, we all have the best intentions to do as we tell our spouses "Hunny I'm just running to Target to get dish soap and a pack of diapers" and then we get lost somewhere along the way.

Maybe it's in the make-up aisle buying all the new e.l.f products or Dove's newest dry shampoo. You could make a wrong turn and end up in aisle D27 scoping out 5x7 picture frames that you have no idea why you need them in the first place. Perhaps you had good intention to grab the diapers and then stumbled upon the new spring line of Cat & Jack kid's clothes and think "It's only two shirts, no harm in that"

Wherever you find yourself in Target, just know this.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are all wanderers of the great Red Store, just trying to find our way back to the checkout line.

Target I must say, for every time I leave and you ask Me "Do you have a Target Red Card?" Only to have me reply "Yes but my husband froze it in a block of ice!" I feel you should also send Me home with a note explaining to my husband how the excessive spending is not my fault.

If you would only move that dang Dollar Spot to the back of the store, my shopping cart wouldn't begin to fill up so soon and I would be able to focus on the mission at hand. However, clearly we know this won't happen so I will just have to continue shamelessly telling my husband "I promise this is the last time I buy holiday decor"

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