7 Lucky St. Patty's Day Kids Crafts & Snacks

The holiday of rainbows,pinches,leprechauns and all things green is upon us. St. Patty's Day (or St. Patrick's Day, whichever you prefer) is one of the most colorful and creative festivities. My son was asked to build a leprechaun trap for his class and while brainstorming the best way to construct such a project, I came across these seven fun activities and treats on Pinterest. I am still looking for the best leprechaun trap though.

1. End of the Rainbow Twirlers by Crafty Morning

This adorable paper plate project is sure to delight any kid and parent alike. I love that it's simple to make, yet isn't the typical craft for St. Patty's Day.

2. Rainbow Jar by Playdough to Plato

Nothing makes kids happier, or at least my kids, than whipping up a crazy experiment. This rainbow jar takes a few supplies but it's sure to be a project your children will have a blast making.

3. Lucky Pancakes by Crafty Morning

I'm an adult and even I want this for breakfast on St. Patty's Day!!! Kids will either freak out that their beloved pancakes are now green, or love that little leprechauns whipped up their early morning treats.

4. Shamrock Shakes by Mom Endeavors

This holiday, like most, are not meant for eating healthy; so why not whip up a mint green ice cream shake for the kiddos?! Anything with whipped cream is sure to delight your little ones.

5. Rainbow Coin Toss Game by I Heart Naptime

Finding games that are easy to make and fun to play are always the best. This colorful and entertaining Coin Toss game is guaranteed to keep my kids happy for at least thirty minutes (which is like Mom Time Gold!!!)

6. Gold Rock Scavenger Hunt by MoonFrye

The previous game would best suite my two year old. However this Scavenger Hunt would be something my older boys would like. They love searching for Easter eggs; so glittering gold rocks would make them just as happy. With only a few materials this craft is easy to make.

7. Leprechaun Potty Break by Meaningful Mama

We've seen some treats and played some games but a holiday with kids isn't complete without a little humor. This fun little bathroom scene is bound to bring out the giggles of any child.

Holidays are the most fun when celebrating them with kids. I hope this blog roundup of creative crafts and treats for St.Patty's day helps bring a day of laughter and excitement to your home.



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