Ketogenic Diet, A Diet that Still Taste Good

Any diet that, basically allows butter in all recipes, is a diet I am all about. Recently my husband and I started the Ketogenic Diet, aka "Keto Diet", which you can learn more about here; and He has seen amazing results in just a few short days.

I use the diet more as a guideline, not as a weight loss program, so I like to refer to the results my husband has seen thus far. Within the first week he lost ten pounds and now in week two He is down fifteen pounds. Granted He started at as a grown man over 200 pounds, so his weight loss may be a bit more extreme.

The hardest part of this diet was finding substitutes for carbs, sweets and marinades. You never truly realize how often you eat these things until they are cut from your meals. Thankfully God gave us PINTEREST!!! I began pinning every keto snack and homemade marinade I could find.

Meals weren't made to taste like cardboard and luckily, even on the Keto Diet, they don't have to.

Ketogenic Diet// Blissfully Boyce// Christina Boyce// Lifestyle Blogger

Once I knew I was still working with my main proteins; meats, eggs,fish, and BACON; I knew it was all about adding flavor. I don't mind substituting a second vegetable instead of a side of pasta or potatoes, which is what I would normally do. Over on my pinterest page, you can see the many delicious recipes I have found for both meals and snacks.

These are just a few of my top picks for tasty meals and treats:

1. Keto King Ranch Chicken by Ruled.Me

2.Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Paleo by Beauty and the Foodie

3. Easy Creamy Mushroom Sauce by Damn Delicious

4. Low Carb S'mores Bars by All Day I Dream About Food

Starting a new diet, or a new routine of meal prepping, can be hard for anyone. Luckily I found a simple to read list of all the "safe foods" for the Ketogenic Diet here. Knowing that you can still eat the things you like, makes it easier to stick with a new diet. All foods have the ability to be flavorful and satisfying we just have to find creative and healthy ways to obtain it.

For all those beginning the Ketogenic Diet, I hope this little blog gives you hope that it is a diet that gives great results while still giving you great food.



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