Combining our styles, to create a BRAND

There were times in the beginning of blogging where I thought my husband would never understand my passion, or grasp what I was actually doing.

So many times I found find myself defending my business, explaining why all the hours were worth it and trying to win his acceptance of being my behind the scene supporter. Then out of no where we, YES WE, had a revelation. This gig was much better, when we BOTH were doing it together.

We love sharing our crazy real life with You.

Motherhood is a sacred avenue to share both thoughts and advice, but PARENTHOOD is an even broader spectrum. Speaking as a wife hits so many valuable topics, but speaking as a MARRIED COUPLE has a voice all it's own. Separately we are our own valuable entities, but together we make an amazing unstoppable team.

Once we stopped trying to prove why we were the best at what we did on our own, and came together to make what we did as a UNIT even better, things just started to fit. It was as if we were meant to find our individual strengths in order to appreciate what the other brought to the table.

My husband is very good at the behind the scenes, technical aspects of blogging. He can read stats and figure out new apps and ways of doing things in the blink of an eye. It would take me months to even find the desire to try and learn all that. I am very good at being personable, and connecting through writing. It takes him a little longer to find his thoughts and put them to words.

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In the last three months, we decided to expand our reach to YouTube, a joint blog and crossovers onto one another's social platforms. We have found that people are extremely accepting of a male/female voice on a topic. They want to hear how both sides feel about parenting, marriage, relationships, vacations, products and life in general.

So often female bloggers (myself included) are so set to tell our thoughts on what we think of all the things listed above, yet we forget that the husbands,boyfriends,brothers,fathers of the women we are talking to, also need to be included on decisions. Why not have a male counterpart to all my overly female opinions.

Check out this funny YouTube did we did.

In the next few months we plan to get the ball rolling on; weekly live chats on topics you choose, bi- weekly YouTube videos, joint blogs and reviews on plenty of new brands, travel destinations,local attractions and much more. In our world, family means everything to us. We believe that family should be who we are speaking to, even if it goes through the women of the house first.

Boyce is not just Myself, it is not just Ryan. BOYCE has now become our Brand. We represent Family,Fun and Faith.

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