Make her feel special with Pink Blush

The pieces in this blog were gifted by Pink Blush, however all opinions are 100% my own

I have had the pleasure of growing four little humans but the season of having babies is over for Me. Now it is truly a joy to watch my younger sisters give way to new life. I love watching them experience the joys of Motherhood in their own unique way, while radiating such joy over what their bodies can do. Thankfully, the one thing I will make sure we can all share in, is the ability to feel beautiful with Pink Blush.

During my final pregnancy I fell in love with Pink Blush Maternity and all the lovely pieces in their collection. The one thing I knew I had to have in my hospital bag was one of their stunning delivery robes. They were elegant and made you feel so feminine the moment you put it on. Trust me, after birthing a human, the one thing you want is something dainty and beautiful to wear!

Now that my sister is due to deliver in a few short weeks, the one thing she requested was a robe from Pink Blush. I smiled, thinking that every girl should be able to receive something as simple as a robe when they have their babies (yes husband's YOUR BABY MAMA NEEDS A ROBE!!) I shopped the website and found a fun black and white tribal print that would fit her style perfectly.

I knew I could make her excited about the arrival of her new baby girl with this simple, yet meaningful gift. If you are looking for a fun and easy baby shower gift, I suggest clicking here and buying one for your favorite mama too.

Along with maternity, Pink Blush also carries their line of everyday apparel over on Shop Pink Blush. I figured I would snag a cute dress for myself while browsing the site. It was so hard to pick one dress because there were so many to choose from. Whether I wanted, short or long, maxi or chiffon, neutral print or floral, they had something for everyone. In the end I decided on a cute magenta and black, knee length dress.

A woman should always get the chance to look and feel her best, whether its in the delivery room after giving birth or while spending a day hanging with friends. Pink Blush allows us to do just that with a few clicks of a button. So don't hesitate, check them out here or go follow along on instagram to see fun styles they are carrying.

Take a look at Pink Blush Maternity in formal wear on my blog

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