Why Brands Should Invest in Social Media Influencers

Lately it seems the issue of brands having “No marketing budget”, comes up quite a bit. I figured, since I am on the other end, I would do an entire blog on Why Brands should invest in Social Media Influencers. So let’s not delay shall we.

Recently my husband sent me this amazing article about how Instagram is becoming one of the top trending outlets for marketing products. With over 300 million active users daily, why wouldn’t brands want to feature their products on Instagram?! It is said that Brands are looking to spend over 35 billion dollars this year via social media to get their products in front of consumers.

Insert amazing Social Media Influencers here!!!

You could be a major company, but have little breakthrough in the social media world. It’s not that your product is bad, you just may not have the reach to your target audience that you need. The upside to this, would be to find five solid Social Media Influencers who relate and interact with the target audience you want your product in front of. BINGO!!

I would currently classify myself as a Lifestyle Blogger with a core demographic of women between the ages of 25 to 34 years old. How do I know this? Because I did my homework. I have over 18,000 active followers across all Social Media Platforms. Why is "active" so important you may ask? There are some big name bloggers in the game that, DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THEIR AUDIENCE!!! This means, their audience is simply liking a photo because it’s visually appealing. They don’t care what the product is, or where to get it. Or they have a large following, but are not getting a high engagement rate on post they are promoting.

Go with a Social Media Influencer that you constantly see engaging with their followers.

Women, especially, are drawn to visually stunning photos, however we want to know what an outfit will look like in real life. Will the stroller fit my actual lifestyle? Does the bottle truly help with colic? Will it really help my kid sleep better?

The biggest shift I have seen on social media, Instagram in particular, is toward pages with “real life women”. If I am going to buy a product I am more likely to find it on a page of someone who is honest about how it works, or who’s lifestyle resembles my own.

In the blogging and Influencer game, it is a known fact that brands can be picky about who they choose to team up with. This is fine as long as the brand realizes, it’s not always “all about the numbers”. For instance, I recently did a collaboration with a shop and found out another blogger, with more of a following, also did the same collaboration, but in the end, I pulled more business to the brand. The answer is simple, ENGAGEMENT!!!!!

Brands should absolutely consider the investment of an Social Media Influencer as, "worth it". We can hit a target market quicker than you may be able to. We can give a real life look at your product. We can be a friendly voice to our followers saying “Yes this company is well worth the price”. Influencers truly can become the spokespeople for your brand. If your initial investment in an Social Media Influencer gains you even a handful of sales, those are sales you didn’t have in the first place.

With Social Media Influencers, you now give a "brand identity" to your product. How does the bag look on the fashion bloggers? How does the Mom of 4 love her new baby sleeper? What is that new pillow company that all the Home Decor gals are buying?

If enough people start talking about it, now you become relevant!!

So to all the brands with “no marketing budget” I urge you to reconsider this! Even the smallest pay out to a Social Media Influencer is worth it to get a return on invest. Just think about it.

Want to consider using Me as an Influencer for your brand? Feel free to email me to talk more!

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