Going from "Mommy" to "Mom" is no easy task

I always knew the day would come when my babies weren't babies anymore and they didn't do baby things. I guess I figured it would last a lot longer than it has though. As a Mother, holding on to the little things is what makes us feel important.

A few weeks ago my husband was having his nightly dinner chat with the boys. We always talk about what happened during the day, usually add in some kind of game and then somehow start talking about a life lesson or topic. On this particular evening he randomly asked our boys,

"When do you think you'll stop calling me Daddy and just call me Dad?"

The boys paused and seemed confused by the question. It was almost as if they never thought they would stop calling us Mommy and Daddy. I waited to hear what their little minds thought of this idea. Then our oldest responded,"Um, I think I'll wait until I'm about 10."

image by: Brooke Tucker Photography

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting our oldest you will know he is very matter of fact. It made me smile. Whew, I had a good solid two years of hearing his sweet voice call me "Mommy" and know that in his heart he still didn't feel "too cool" to say it with love. My youngest son didn't have much to say, although he did get a good laugh out of the whole thing.

About a week ago we were getting ready to go somewhere and in the midst of the hustle, I heard our youngest say "Mom, where are my shoes?"

It was at that moment I felt my heart drop. It was such a weird surge of emotions that I almost felt silly for having them. On one end, I was sad that my baby wasn't a baby anymore. He wanted to change my name, he wanted to be a big boy. Yet, on the other end, I was happy that he was becoming his own person.

Raising kids in general is an ebb and flow of learning and teaching. It's a roller coaster of emotions as well. I knew my boys would eventually cut ties with the childish ways of loving on me. The goofy snuggles and kisses in front of friends would be few and far between. I even knew that one day I would have to let go of a few letters that made me feel 100% needed and wanted. I knew MOM was what I was going to become. It didn't make the moment any easier.

I know there are so many more milestones I will experience as my children grow up. Secrets I will no longer be privy to. Advice that will no longer be asked for or accepted. Kisses that will need to be given behind closed doors and words of affection that will only be for our ears alone.

Mommies, hold onto the precious little moments when you are still the only person they need and want and the whole world is allowed to know it. So often we try to rush through to the next chapter of being mothers and then we miss the ones we bypassed. Slow down, soak it in and remember it.

Have you become "Mom" yet? If so, how did it feel the first time they called You that?



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